LCC Talent Works - free web design for charities in Southwark.

Applications have now closed.

We will now be contacting applicants and letting them know if they have been shortlisted. If you have any questions about LCC Talent Works please contact Rachel Bilson on
What is your name? *

What's the name of your charity? *

What’s your charity registration number? *

We can only help registered charities.
What is your email address? *

What's your phone number? *

What's your address? *

Do you have a website at the moment? *

It doesn't matter if you do or not - we are happy to help charities improve their websites as well as build new ones.
If you do have a website what is the address?

If you do have a website what's currently working and what do you want to change?

What proportion of your beneficiaries/service users are resident or working in the London Borough of Southwark? *

We can only work with charities who are mostly working with people in Southwark, and will prioritise charities that only benefit people in Southwark.
How does your work help to tackle disadvantage and make a positive difference to the lives of people living or working in Southwark? *

How will a new website enable you to increase the impact of your organisation? *

Who will use it? *

Will you be able to afford around £200 per year to cover the cost of hosting the website online? *

LCC will help you set this up and ensure you can maintain and update your website after it is created.
Will you be able to attend a day time briefing meeting with your designer at LCC in Elephant and Castle in the last week of September? *

We will confirm the date for this briefing before you accept our offer of support.
Will you be able to regularly meet or speak on the phone with a representative of LCC and your website designer throughout September and October? *

Will you be able to help us evaluate LCC Talent Works by completing simple surveys before and after your website is designed? *

Please press Submit to complete your application. We'll be shortlisting applications and then speaking to our shortlist on the phone before deciding who we are able to help."

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